recognıtıon procedure


All study programmes at Istanbul Commerce University are measured in terms of ECTS credits. All courses have a number of credits allocated reflecting students workload that an average student will need in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. Standard academic year is based on 60 ECTS, which is 1530 hours of student workload.

The learning agreement describes the programme of study abroad and is drawn up by the individual student and institutions involved before the student goes abroad. The student is informed by Erasmus Office to prepare his/her learning agreement with his/ her departmental coordinator who is academic adviser for incoming and outgoing students. Within the preparation and compilation of his/her Learning Agreement, the student should check by the course catalogue of the host university whether the projected study performances abroad are clearly eligible for recognition in coordination with the departmental coordinator. The student should compile the Learning Agreement as agreed before departing and collect the signatures of the departmental coordinator and ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator. Erasmus Office can accept only completed and correct Learning Agreement to recognize the student’s study period abroad. At the end of his/her stay abroad the student should get a certification of grades achieved (Transcript of Records) issued by the host institution. This document should correspond to his/her Learning Agreement (including Changes, if applicable). Before the student’s departure, the ‘pre-approval form’ is prepared by using the course study plan in the learning agreement of the student and full academic recognition is confirmed by the Executive Committee of the relevant Faculty. When the student returns,  ‘Proof of Recognition’ is prepared by the Executive Committee of the relevant Faculty, by taking into account the information on ‘Transcript of Records’ provided by the host institution. After the decision of the Executive Committee of the relevant Faculty, all credits gained abroad in the Transcript of Records transfer into the student’s official programme at the home university, indicating the learning activities they refer to, with their original titles.

When the incoming student arrives at Istanbul Commerce University, he/she checks his/her learning agreement with the departmental coordinator and makes the changes if necessary. If there are any changes, a modified learning agreement is sent to the student’s home university to approve the courses. After the student’s departure, the institution provides transcript of records for incoming students which shows the learning achievements of the student prior to and after the period of study abroad. The transcript of records shows for every course taken not only the ECTS credits but also the grade awarded according to the local as well as the ECTS grading scale. The official transcript of records which lists the course units taken, the credits gained, the local grades awarded and the corresponding ECTS grades is signed and stamped by Erasmus Institutional Coordinator after getting the official grades and credits from Student Affairs Office of Istanbul Commerce University.

Istanbul Commerce University use the typical American A-F scale where GPA is calculated on a scale of 4.00. The letter grades, ECTS equivalents are given below.


*Conditional Pass: If the student passed all other courses then DF is pass.

For accurate courses recognition, we use Approval Form of Course Equivalents and Credits before the mobility and Proof of Recognition after the mobility.

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