Student Associations

Student Clubs

Istanbul Commerce University offers important opportunities for students to participate in free-time activities. At Istanbul Commerce University, various social, cultural, artistic and intellectual activities and events are organized through student ensembles. We have 38 student ensembles in total, including theater, classical Islamic arts, music and folk/modern dance, Young Volunteers Social Solidarity for social volunteers,banking and finance  civilization, culture and literature, idea and art for culture, sailing clubs, mountaineering and natural sports for sporting activities i.e. These ensembles perform important studies and projects in their fields and all over Turkey.

Additionally, with the exhibitions and workshops organized, ensembles have the opportunity to improve and reflect their abilities and skills.

Kemalist Thought Club
Aviation Management Club
Anti-Discrimination Club
Banking and Finance Club
Environment and Nature Friends Club
Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club
Dance club
Foreign Trade Club
Industrial Engineering Club
Idea and Education Club
Idea and Art club
Photography Club
Young Volunteers Sauce. Yard. and Day. club
Young Lawyers Club
Young Pioneers Club
Young Executives Club
Entrepreneurial Architects and Engineers Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Folk Dance Club
Public relations and advertising
Law Club
Freedom and Justice Club
Business administration
Statistics Club
K-DEM Club
Career Development Community
Ski and Snowboard Club
Personal Development Club
Culture and Literature Club
Liberal Thought Club
Logistics Club
Math Club
Civilization and Thought Club
Mechatronics Engineering Club
Humor Workshop Club
Debate Club
Positive Club
Music Club
Project and Research Club
Psychology Club
Cinema Club
Civil Aviation Club
Civic Initiative Club
Civil Defense Club
Sociology Club
Strategic Thinking Community Club
Underwater Club
History and Studies Club
Design Club
Trade Communication Club
Commercial Development Club
Drama club
Tourism Club
Turkish Islamic Arts Club
Turkish Red Crescent Club
Turkish Sufi Culture Club
Turkey Research Club
International Relations Club
International Students Club
International Trade Club
1907 UNIFEB Club
University Business Relations Club
Production Research Club
Sailing Club
Green Crescent Club

Student Council

This is an elected unit created by students that advocates on behalf of students. The assignment of the council is toinform our university’s administrative units about student problems concerning educational, health, sports, social and cultural needs and students’ opinions and comments about the university. The Council President takes part in the university’s Managing Board meetings and informs the board about student demands.