Learning Facilities

The Library and Electronic Resources

Our two libraries on Sütlüce and Küçükyalı campuses are information centers open for students, graduate students, instructors, and academics of other educational institutions. Our libraries have 70.579 books and 164.187 e-books, an extensive collection of non-book materials including CD-ROMs, video and audio cassettes, and access to more than 25 different databases.

The publications in the library are in Turkish and English and their contents support the university’s academic policies and scientific research.

On Sütlüce Campus, a 3.043m2 library serves our students. This library has:

• A capacity of 124.000 books

• A night reading hall

• 433 private study desks

• Multi-purpose hall (40 people)

• 19 group study rooms

• A lounge

On Küçükyalı Campus, a 600m2 library servers our students. This library has:

• A capacity of 20.000 books

• 118 private study desks

Our libraries have an open shelf system and the LC (Library of Congress) Classification System is used to classify resources. All library services, such as consultation, scanning publications, using available databases, and lending boks are offered to readers at the library. All information resources available in the library are transferred to computers via “Yordam Library Automation Software” and technical services such as loaning, extending loan, reserving, supplying, ordering, label printing and reader services are managed with the program.

Apart from periodical Turkish publications, we have subscribed to several databases to enable access to periodical scientific publications in foreign-languages. In addition to periodical scientific publications, users are supported in their self-development through subscriptions to periodical culture and arts publications.


Data Processing Services

Istanbul Commerce University never hesitates to invest in developing and improving its data processing infrastructure. Data processing services offered to our students include the following:

Internet: Our University provides internet acces with two 60 MB and 15 MB Internet connections. These connections are operated on a reserve basis, so that no interruption occurs.

Student connection :


password:Temporary Turkish id number

Mail and Web domain: E-mail addresses are created automatically for each student on the day of their registration and web domains are provided for students per request.

Wireless Internet: Wireless internet is available in all areas of our campuses.

Academic Automation : Our students can regularly check their grades through an automated system.

Network: It is possible to access information through fiber optic connections linking the campuses.

Labs: There are 18 computer labs for courses and Internet use.