Our top priority is making sure you have somewhere welcoming, comfortable and safe to live. So Istanbul Ticaret University made some institutional agreement with the distinguished dormitories around its main campus.

To find housing in different country must be difficult while you are in your home country. Nevertheless we recommend you to start searching for a place to stay as soon as possible. So, the below list is prepared for you to find accommodation in Istanbul.

Student dormitories

There is variety of dormitories alternatives for every different budget in Istanbul, Erasmus Office will be happy to find the most suitable one for you.

  • Santral Kız Yurdu ( only for females )


To get more information please visit the webpage

  • Konforist Student Dormitory


 To get more information please visit the webpage!home/c208j

  • Studio Santral Student Dormitory


To get more information please visit the webpage

  • Another housing option in Istanbul is finding accommodation from private agencies or directly from house owner. You can find your place from the most popular website

We advise you that before accepting an offer, read the rental conditions of the housing provider carefully!

Hostels in Istanbul

  • If, for any reason, you could not decide your accommodation before your departure from your home country, you can easily book a room in a hostel, and then you can find your accommodation while you are in Istanbul.

Other Possibilities

Erasmus office will be happy to help you while you search an accommodation. We will supply you with information on how to find accommodation in Istanbul. Furthermore, you should follow announcement on Erasmus office Facebook page, message boards on campus that there will be flat or flat share options from our current students or house owners.