Student Life at ICU

Istanbul Commerce University is a city university rising above the historical and cultural texture of Istanbul, defined as the cradle of civilization. Besides academic and scientific research, cultural and social activities are of great importance at our university. In this context, seminars, panels, conferences and symposiums, scientific discussions and various exhibitions and concerts, theatre performances and dance activities are organized at our university. Students have the opportunity to express and develop themselves at conferences, panels, interviews and artistic activities within the framework of club events. In the area of our university’s social life, there are tennis courts, basketball fields and swimming pools to color our students’ daily lives at Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facility of our founder’s foundation. Our students are also welcomed at the cafeterias and restaurants of Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facilities.

In addition to spring festivals, graduation balls, picnics, trips, etc. organized within our university, our students also take part in inter-university festivals, tournaments and contests in cultural, sporting and artistic fields within the scope of club activities. Our university clubs achieve important successes by organizing tournaments, contests, and festivals in Turkey.


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