Outgoıng Students

Description of the Mobility:

The Erasmus Student mobility for studies carries out within the context of the Bilateral Agreement between Higher Education Institutions and ECHE holders.

The mobility consists of a study mobility period of the enrolled student in HEI that has an Inter-Institutional Agreement with an HEI abroad.

The duration of the mobility is between 2- 12 months for each academic cycle (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.).

The mobility might be carried out in every class during the education cycle.


The Erasmus program is an exchange program that is applicable to 27 member countries of the European Union, members of the European Economic Area, and possible member countries like Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, and Croatia.

Undergraduate students who have completed their first term and master students who have completed their first semester can apply for the program. Students who have applied to the Erasmus program can reapply but will not be provided with grants for this second application.

Students who wish to apply should look through the bilateral agreements and their quotas found on our website. The documents required are stated on our website and need to be handed in according to the academic calendar. Some documents may be sent by the host institution to the student’s address directly, students are informed if they reach the Erasmus Office.

Application Period

Student Mobility for Studies is announced in the last week of January every year. Applications start in the first week of February. Unless deemed, application admissions are received once a year.

Application Process

Students should apply on the dates stated on the academic calendar by handing in their application form and the most recent copy of their transcript to the Erasmus Office. To be eligible for application, undergraduate students need a minimum grade of 2.20/4.00, and master students a minimum grade of 2.50/4.00 Grades will be taken into consideration according to the transcript provided during the time of application.


For The 100-point grading scale please see; https://oyp.yok.gov.tr/Documents/Anasayfa/4lukSistem.pdf

Examination Process

All students who apply to the Erasmus program will have to attend the examination carried out by the English Proficiency Department carried out on the dates set on the calendar. The exam consists of a written and oral section, which is only carried out once a year. The exam results will be announced on a date announced on the academic calendar.

Evaluation Process

Calculation of the student’s total Erasmus grade creates through 50% of the student GPA (genel ortalama) and 50% of the total examination grade. Students are ranked in their departments according to their total Erasmus grade, and replacements. Replacement students can be added to the primary list only if one of the primary students decides to cancel his or her application. The results are determined by an official Exchange and Placement Commission.

Choice of Universities

This ranking will be announced via the internet and email. Students fill and hand in their form regarding their choice of universities on the dates set on the academic calendar.

Announcement of placement results

Students are informed of the universities in which they are placed according to their choice forms and the quotas of the universities.


Students are nominated to universities of choice. The host university confirms via email and then through an official Acceptance letter that they accept the student. Before receiving their Acceptance letters, students are obliged to follow the websites of their host universities and fulfill any obligations and necessary documents, such as application forms, language requirements, housing applications, etc., and send these on the dates stated by the university. We would suggest students send these beforehand through email as scanned copies before sending them via mail. Applying to the university is the responsibility of the student.

The Erasmus code of our institution is TR ISTANBU10

Universities may ask for copies of passports, and students who do not have a passport or need to extend them may contact the office for an official letter regarding exemption from the passport fee. (harçsız vize yazısı)  The official letter takes approximately a week to arrive at the Erasmus office, students are informed when it is ready and they can pick it up.

Some Universities provide Erasmus Intensive Language Courses, which generally take place a month before classes, or during the duration of academic courses. These courses are provided for languages besides English (Such as German, Polish, and French). Students should contact the International Office of their host Institutions regarding these courses, they may have a separate application process. Universities that offer these language courses may give ECTS credits, but these credits are not included in the students learning agreement.

After the arrival of the Acceptance Letter

The acceptance letter should arrive the latest two months before departure. The letter may arrive at the student’s address, students are informed if it arrives at the Erasmus office. The Acceptance Letter determined the dates that the student will participate in the program, and grants are calculated based on the dates on the letter.

If the host country is one which requires a visa, the student should learn of its requirements via the embassy or consulate. Students may ask for a letter of exemption from visa fee (harçsız vize yazısı) from the office. This official letter can be handed out to the student in approximately a week, students are informed when they can pick it up.Visa applications usually ask for students the official letter of acceptance and visa exemption letter. The visa letter indicates the amount of grant that the student will receive.

Copies should be kept of these two documents throughout the Erasmus program.

Learning Agreement (Online Learning Agreement)

The student has to make three original copies of the same agreement. One copy is left in the Erasmus office, one stays with the student and one is handed into the host university.

The student first fills in the courses he or she would like to take while at the university, together with the departmental coordinator. Courses must in total fill 30 ECTS credits. The student then asks for a signature from the head of the department (bölüm başkanı), and leaves one original copy of the learning agreement at the faculty secretary requesting a faculty board decision. (yönetim kurulu kararı)

We request students not leave this process to the last minute. Learning agreement for studies mobility.

Before Leaving

Students must be sure that they have handed in all required documents in time.

Students should look through the websites of their host universities and be ready to be at the university at least a week before classes commend. Some universities have orientation programs.

It is suggested to inform the host university of your arrival dates, some universities may be able to arrange a reception.

Grants Erasmus exchange program provides grants to students participating in the Erasmus program. The Erasmus grant is intended as a contribution to assist with the extra costs of studying abroad. It will not cover all the costs of your term abroad. Grants are calculated according to the amounts for each country set by the National Agency and depending on the student’s duration of studies in the host institution.

All students of Istanbul Commerce University receive grants for the first semester of their Erasmus programs. The grant is paid in two installments. 80% of the total grant is transferred to the student through his/her Erasmus account at Vakıfbank before the student arrives in the host country. All students must fill out and hand in a grant contract (taahütname) before their departure.

Returning from Erasmus

The student will have to take his/her learning agreement, transcript of records, and certificate of attendance to the faculty secretary requesting a second faculty board decision. Once it is processed it is sent to the Erasmus Office. The remaining 20% of the student’s Erasmus grant is transferred upon the arrival of the board decision, and on the condition that he or she has completed all his/her required documents, and passed at least 20 ECTS of his/her total courses.

Please read through this document carefully, and contact  erasmus@ticaret.edu.tr  in case of further questions.